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Welcome to the Colorado Chinese Language School

In preparation for the 2020-2021 school year, Colorado Chinese Language School is creating detailed plans based on recommendations from local health experts regarding the potential impact of COVID-19. We believe we have the responsibility to proactively plan for the varying and unknown impact of the virus in the foreseeable future. To create a plan that prioritizes academic excellence and health/safety, Colorado Chinese Language School has decided to have all classes online for the Fall semester 2020-2021. In the meantime, for our planning forward, we have regrouped our classes to maximize students’ academic achievement. The new classes are listed in the Classes page.

鑑於目前 COVID-19 疫情仍未趨緩,以及疫苗研發尚未完成,科州中文學校以效法臺灣衛福部疾管中心的超前部署之經驗,在考慮學生及老師們的生命安全及健康的前提下,決定 在 2020-2021 學年度秋季班採用線上教學。並且在考量目前的招生率及現有師資陣容之後,經過縝密的分析及討論之後,決定重新調整目前的班級分班。

CCLS, the Colorado Chinese Language School, is a Colorado registered non-profit organization. It was founded in 1974 by a group of educators and parents. One of the goals of the school is to teach children how to listen, speak, read and write Chinese. The traditions of Chinese culture are also emphasized.

In addition to language classes, CCLS also offers Chinese conversation classes for English-speaking adults, and optional extra-curricular activities for children. Extra-curricular activities include: Chinese folk dance, Chinese crafts, and Kung-Fu.Currently CCLS has approximately two hundred students. The age of students ranges from 5 to adult. The language classes are organized in two groups: Mandarin speaking, and non-Mandarin speaking. Within each group, students are further divided into classes based on their age and language proficiency. CCLS classes offers both in Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters.


本校學生年齡由幼兒到成人。除成人中文會話班外,語言班分成兩組:有中文環境背景組及無中文環境背景組(會說華語/漢語組及不會說華語/漢語組)。這兩組又以學生的年齡及中文程度再分班。 並且, 本校也以學生背景及需求教授正體字及簡體字。


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